Monday, November 3, 2008

Movin' on, yo.

So, ok. Hopefully no one gets butthurt by this, haha. But I have a confession to make. I really really HATE blogspot. In my opinion, it's just HARD! Now, I am fully willing to admit that maybe I am just dumb, but it just seems so NOT user-friendly.

So....I am going to move my blog over to wordpress. I have used it for other blogs and it is SO much easier for me to navigate.

I am going to leave this one here, but just start a new one over there. The new blog address is

Please have pity on the dumb girl and still read her blog!

Much thanks,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I hate you Michael Landon.

I don't know how many of you know this, but I have a very strong love/hate relationship with Little House on The Prairie. The tv show, not the books. I loved the books. Still do. The tv show, not so much.

The show is a mess. When I say I have a love/hate relationship, I mean I love to hate it. I still watch it religiously cause it's so fun to make fun of. If you have watched it much, you know it is not the fluffy light pleasant family fare Michael Landon made it out to be. Horrible things happen on that prairie. Terrifying plagues, deaths, fires, floods, rapes, you name it, they have it. Most of these episode are written and directed by Michael Landon, who while pretty hot, was obviously crazy.

Anyway, some people, including myself, have started a Little House blog where we you know, snark on Little House. So you all should go there if you want and pass the word if there are other unfans of Little House, the tv show. If you love Little House and/or Michael Landon you don't have to go.

It's at "" and my username i post under is "MLINEGIRL." Again, sorry I don't know how to just link that in here.

Check it out if you want.

For someone so smart, he is sorta dumb.

So yesterday, I am sitting at work, most likely listening to someone make death threats because their bill was $3.00 higher this month when my cell phone starts ringing but I can't answer it because I'm on a call. I look at the cell phone, it's my mom. Then, my sister starts calling, at this point I kind of start wondering what's going on. Then my sister texts me telling me to call her ASAP. I do my best to get rid of the caller and decide to take my break a little early to find out what's up. I call my sister, she doesn't answer, so I call me mom and she tells me Nick wrecked his scooter and is in the Emergency Room. Well. At this point I start to freak, not only because it scared me so bad but also because when Nick was three, we got in a really bad car accident and he had a very scary head injury. Like scary to the point that when they left Logan in Lifeflight, they told me he wasn't going to make it, and if he did, he would most likely be a vegetable.

To make a long and horrible story short, we got to Primary Childrens Hospital and in what can only be considered a miracle, Nick was ok. He stayed there for about a week, but the doctors said another head injury later in life could kill him.

Back to my original story. This freaked me out because I know that as smart as Nicholas is, he doesn't wear a helmet. Well, my mom says he is beat up pretty bad and is seeing a dark spot in one eye, so I leave work and go to the hospital. We insisted they give him a CT scan because of aforementioned head injury. Everything came out okay, thank goodness, other than Nick looking like he has been through a meat grinder and being pretty beat up.

Here is a picture of his face in the Emergency Room. The whole left side of his body pretty much looks this way also. All of you, please email him at and tell him to WEAR A DAMN HELMET!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I hate you, CBS.

So apparently, THIS:

Has been replaced by THIS:

I discovered this news early this morning when I got to work and had an email from Jon, who knows the depths of my love for Grissom. I don't even know what to say, other than there is a good chance CSI will have one less viewer this season. First Warrick, now Grissom? It's safe to say the hotness of the Las Vegas Crime Lab just went down by about eleventy million degrees.

I have NEVER liked Laurence Fishburne. Something about him freaks me out and he's not pretty like Grissom. In fact, he's kind of ass.

I don't even think Catherine Willows my TV girlfriend is enough to make me return. Seriously guys, I am so sad about this. I'm also pretty sure I should, I don't know, get a life or something. Don't judge me.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Show yourselves.

I just want to say, if you are going to read my blog, leave me a comment. I am not smart enough to put some thing on here that will tell me who has been looking or how many. I'm lucky I can get a picture in here.

But seriously, I like comments, leave some.

"Bonnie, you are wanted on the phone."

So this No TV thing is really helping to boost my blogging activity. The new DVR actually came today, but you would not even believe the amount of instructions this thing had. It's totally a boy job. I took one look, put it back in the box and asked Nick to do it tomorrow. Which sucks for tonight, but I am too tired to worry much about it right now.

Okay, here is something funny that happened this weekend. I have been laughing about it on and off since. The same night as my hellish introduction into the world of Polly Pocket, as mentioned on Bonnie's page, but which I am too stupid to link to, this happened.

As we were moving into the kitchen to check out the Pollies, Bonnie, my cousin who before this incident I always thought was kind of smart, sees THIS on the counter.

So Bonnie picks it up, and says to me, "is this your phone?" And she is serious. Nick and I, of course, were like "the hell?" And I said, "No, that's my car keys."

Now in all fairness, I feel I must point out that at the time, the key part was in, making it look like the picture on the left, not the one on the right. It was also 2:30 in the morning. But still, it's pretty damn tiny, and you know, has the VW logo on the side.

So the rest of the night, we kept picking up the car key and pretending to answer it, which was totally so hilarious at the time, but I am thinking might not be so funny now. Wait, it's still pretty funny even now, but I am nowhere near the level of hysteria I was right then.

Oh Bonnie, you silly girl. Thanks for making us laugh with that fabulous question and your Polly Pockets 101 course. It was great.

I hate you Dish Network.

So I get home from my weekend trip Monday night, after what seemed like 1 million hours in the car. It's late, around 10 p.m. The regularly scheduled evening edition of the Piper Nicole show starts, the cat is going crazy, kids are talking, car needs to be unpacked, which I hate, clothes washed for work the next day, etc. You know the drill.

Well, I make my way into my bedroom to make the bed. Yes, I do it at night before I get in, I don't know. So I get in the bedroom and what do I hear but some whiny, screeching fan sound somewhere around the TV.

I check it out and it's my DVR receiver for my Dish Network. Not good. Panic starts to set in, my fingers start to go numb and my breathing becomes shallow. See, TV is my life.

I turn on the TV, which I can't even hear because the stupid noise the receiver is making is so loud and annoying, but the worst part is this...I press the DVR button to access my recordings and get some weird error message telling me that feature is not available and unplugging and replugging the receiver might or might not reset it. Whatever. With every electronic item I have ever owned when something goes wrong, the advice is always the same, unplug and replug, yet funny thing, it has never worked for me. And of course, it didn't this time either.

So because I am not doing anything at all, like trying to get Piper to settle down, or laundry or even trying to take a bath, I calll Dish Network Tech Support and random girl who answers the phone right off the bat tells me to unplug and plug. Sigh. Well, her luck isn't any better than mine, it doesn't work. More freaking on my part.

Random Tech Girl says they will send me out a new DVR, which I am thinking okay, that's good. But then it got bad. I asked her how long and she says 3 to 5 BUSINESS DAYS. Wait, what? That's forever! I can't watch TV at all and more importantly, I can't watch any of my recorded shows. This is really bad because I HATE HATE HATE Live TV. A lot.

I offer to pay for expedited shipping, preferrably overnight. Nope, can't get it here any faster, 3 to 5 business days it is. Now I ask you, this is the year 2008. We can get a man pregnant, make a car run on some stank oil from McDonalds, clone a damn sheep, but can't get a DVR from Texas to Utah in less than 3 to 5 business days??? My hell, this could take till next week!

My next plan is maybe I can just go to a Dish Network store here in town and give them my old one and get a new one. But no, that isn't how it works either.

But then it gets worse. Random Tech Girl informs me that I have lost all my recorded programs! And I had worked so hard on this. I lost all my Seinfelds, all my Law and Order, the Season Finale of CSI which I hadn't even watched yet, my favorite movie The Wedding Singer, all of it. I have to start over. I'm so bummed.

And so far this week, I have missed The Office, a ton of Law and Order, a ton of Seinfeld and if it isn't here tomorrow, I will miss the start of the Olympics.

This has been quite traumatic for me. I love getting Piper to sleep and watching TV until I fall asleep. So now I have been falling asleep really early every night, which I think just makes me more tired.

I am really happy Dish Network will replace the DVR for me at no cost, don't get me wrong, but seriously, I probably could have driven to Texas and picked it up faster than this.

It's been almost 3 full days, I am starting to feel like I might make it through, the withdrawals aren't as strong, at least not until I think about how many shows I am going to lose. There were things recorded on there that I have had since 2005 when I got Dish Network.

Anyway, just looking this over, I am wondering why I am thinking anyone reading this would even care, haha. So I am going to stop whining about this now and I guess just go to sleep.

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